Starting Pups on cattle

We just enjoyed a fantastic clinic at Konjuli, hosted by Sean and Evonne Barrett. For three days the instructors and wingmen, including the ultimate wingman: James Green) challenged all participants to consider their principles of stock-handling and dog management.

This was a particularly diligent team of men, women and children who rose to the occasion amongst heat, ‘hammer & tongs’ hangovers and camera shyness to adopt new concepts and achieve amazing results.

Peter may have won the trial by 6:00pm Sunday evening but we were all winners for the experiences of the weekend.

By the end of day one we all had a better understanding of position and hydration. Harden up crew it was only 38 degrees C in the shade and if you won’t run around there why should your dogs?

Day 2 brought the genetic makeup of our dogs into the spotlight as we now knew about the importance of being in the right position. We started these two young Kelpies, Brutus and Zoe on the cattle trained for them by the clinic students. Have a look and please comment.

6 comments on “Starting Pups on cattle

  1. Nick Hughes says:

    Great video David, sorry I couldn’t make it to the clinic it would have been good to see how Max went. I liked the way you let the dogs work out what to do based on your position and the way you stopped that one from crossing without any negative or harsh commands.

  2. Peter Verbeek says:

    Amazing how two dogs do their work like balletdancers. I’m always leading my Border Collie to control the herd.
    Here you are following your dog with less support, because they know what they have to do…
    I’m looking forward to next july to learn more about handling with my Kelpie Kelvin ,now 3 months, on your clinic in Doldersum, Holland.

    • Hi Peter,
      That is a good observation. Some dogs have been selected for their ability to take command, I prefer dogs bred for their natural ability to control livestock.
      See you in Doldersum.

  3. ColumbianElf says:

    Hello David, Sean, Evonne, Ultimate Wingman and Wingman

    This video highlights the power of selecting for natural working ability. Its allot easier to ‘tweak’ an animal then to train one.

  4. Very nice work, very educational! Thanks!

  5. Sean and Evonne Barrett says:

    Well done

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