Hidden Valley, Hidden Talents.


Sunrise at Hidden Valley Station

Sunrise at Hidden Valley Station alludes to the intricacies of this large tract of pastoral cattle country. At first glance there is a hint of an outline, then, the longer you stay light begins to fill in some of the mystery. On a late Thursday evening, Gehan, his young son, Ravi, Knox and I dodged the last corrugation to be greeted by Bronte’s  welcoming grin. She had come looking for us along the driveway, perhaps fearing we had discovered a new sinkhole or concerned that Gehan had found yet another diversion to the 10 hour trip we had made from Darwin.

David and Jenny James have developed the Station from a dry block back in the mid 90’s to a functioning, fenced and watered cattle business running in excess of 6000 breeders plus associated dry stock. A series of well planned laneways and fenced off water areas, called water squares, assist with the stock management. They have also invested a lot of training into their two resident young offspring: Bronte is extremely capable of planning and processing all of the necessary duties required to run such an expansive operation, whilst Roley adds flying the station aircraft to his list of talents.

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