Starting Pups

Do we start training our pups on the day we introduce them to livestock?

Do we need a heap of training aids, like rakes and electric collars, to make up for missing vital, early steps in our pups life?

Are we being fair to a new valuable member of our working team?

6 comments on “Starting Pups

  1. phillip alldridge says:

    Dave,I see you use the “shhhh shhhh ” command ,do you find it more beneficial to use that “step on toes keep out of my personal space “technique ,when a dog is younger in a non stock related environment to use later to improve /modify/make the flight zone of a dog that needs it rather than by rake,hat,cattle stick ,time by repetition or electric collar or selecting the other way when having to bring a flightier dog in on stock .

    • Yes Phil,
      The point I am making with this video is to use techniques to get the pup “signed on” to you way before you introduce it to stock. That way you can keep all training sessions positive and the pups mind open to the learning experience. If a young pup cannot influence the livestock because he is “flightier” he is 1. not yet started or 2. not genetically predisposed to dominate and therefore not suitable for that job or 3. The livestock are not respectful enough of a learner and need more education.

  2. Jan says:

    Lovely, David. Couldn’t improve on that!

  3. Deb Maxwell says:

    How lovely and calm for a beginner dog.
    Would love to see more videos of your training.

    • Hi Deb,
      The way to see our training videos is come to one of our clinics. Grant Hutchings is planning one in the Tenterfield area later this year which may suit you. I’ll email you his email address.

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