My name is David Hart.  I have been involved in the teaching of stock handling techniques to rural Australia. My objective is to improve the safety and efficiency of livestock operations throughout the world.

Contact: 07 54843484

David Hart

The Fairdinkum Kelpie Group is a loose collection of like minded breeders who share their genetic resources simply to breed better dogs. Grant Hutchings, Rodney Garrett, Mitch Grambauer, Michael Johnston and David Hart make up the group and we use the excellent Breeders Assistant software as a tool to assist in planning matings. The mix of these genes is evident in the Eventine, Milburn, and Tracker Kelpie Studs.

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Catrinus and Erika

4 comments on “About

  1. Alexandre Figueiredo says:


    My name is Alexandre Figueiredo, I’m from Brazil, creator of Border Collies with whom I work daily with cattle (750 cows) and sheep (1,400 sheeps) I am also training instructor in Brazil and Argentina and Uruguay competitor Border Collie Trials.
    My property is located in southern Brazil, on the border with Argentina and Uruguay. Here the climate is temperate and the farms are medium size. In our region the Border works with sufficient efficiency. It happens that my clients are mostly from central and northern Brazil, where the climate is very hot, ranging from extremely dry to extremely wet, the farms are very large and work with thousands of cows. The Brazil has the largest commercial cattle herd in the world, with 200 million heads, but 90% is pure blood bos indicus (Nelore breed, mostly), animals skittish, nervous and quick. In this situation I have had plenty of trouble with the Border Collie to work on these farms.
    Here in Brazil there is almost no Kelpie (believe there should be a maximum of 30 pure Kelpies) and neighboring countries (Argentina and Uruguay), where I and clinical courses every month, I have only found a few Kelpies and all without power (no courage) .
    For this reason I bought 2 kelpies of Karana kelpie stud (Karana Abba II x Karana Dayse / Karana Digger II x Karana Sami) and two dogs, sons of dogs of breeder Roy Cox e Roger Urriquelme , from USA.
    I am now looking for another line of blood that has too much power with cattle, stamine very , very good speed and endurance , but also have a reasonable style and great footwork .
    I noticed on your website you have the same concern.
    I want to have, please, your help and your opinion what are the best bloodlines to work with cattle.
    I am also interested in dogs Riana Stud. How do I know you own dogs of this blood, I ask you to help me get in touch with the owner of Riana Stud.

    Thanks in advance
    Alexandre Figueiredo

    • Alexandre,
      Sean Barrett and I are in Finland running a clinic focussing on Livestock education with correct dogs so I will be able to email you and answer your questions over the next few days. We can certainly help you with advise about different lines of Kelpies best to use under your circumstances.

  2. leigh reilly says:

    My pups have got alot more up and go in them they could jump onto a chair 4-5weeks old and are smart so they did improve the brains of a bench kelpie. Thanks

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