Wyoming/Utah USA

Behold, it came to pass that Sean and I visited with our fantastic host family, The Taylors. This is no ordinary family as the patriarch, Dr Robert, or Bob or just Doc to his friends is none other than the star of the Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets” show, now “retired” to a fully functioning commercial cattle ranch in South West Wyoming called Lonetree.

As you can plainly see he wasn’t chosen for his good looks, but, for his skill and dedication as an Orthopedic Veterinary surgeon.

Animal Planets Meet Dr Bob

Mrs Taylor, Maggie, who  obviously was chosen for her good looks, set about spoiling us about as much as she has Knox since he arrived back in June. With Susannah’s help, she provided meals, good conversation and always a willing ear to new concepts and old solutions.

Marissa, having the advantage of meeting us in Australia, kept a low profile while Zach started with a polite, bemused smile but warmed to a fully skeptical laugh.

“Lonetree” welcomed us with the first fairdinkum fall of snow for the season and then, thankfully, summer returned to allow us to get on with livestock education, roping, a clinic, an introduction to the book of Mormon, Yellowstone National Park, the mammary glands of the Wyoming Beaver, fly-fishing, a study of the local geology, fencing in the USA, country music, roping, rodeo, did I mention roping, big trucks, goose neck trailers corral design, stogeys  and trout.

Over the next few weeks we will flesh out many of the stories associated with this incredible journey, but for now I have published some pictures over at   Fairdinkumsnaps.

Use the titles at the top to open each section and then click on the first photo of the gallery to start your slide show.

5 comments on “Wyoming/Utah USA

  1. All I ever seem to say is “oh wish I was there”. Really enjoying the reading and photos. Just have to say, Sean, I KNEW you would succumb to wearing your boots OUTSIDE your jeans. There is a word for that group of people . Before I saw the photo I was talking with David re the attire of the day on this trip and I said , before you go any further just don’t tell that Sean was wearing his boots outside his jeans. Sure enough. Can read you like a book. And luckily a beaver is still wearing his pelt thanks to your lack of pinning the real McCoy down.

    • blackdog says:

      Well Sue you can tell that you have had no experience with deep snow in the Wyoming mountains. As for me prior to climbing the sharp elevation to the hole in the wall, we had to trudge through snow to recover an energiser and there is nothing worse then wet jeans. So there was a method to my madness not to mention that I did not want to give a Mountain lion something to grab hold of. Of course the female side of you believed that it was due to fashion but I can put your mind at rest and say there was a practical side to my madness. As always I give you more wisdom with care and love.

  2. blackdog says:

    I think this photo would look better if Mrs Barrett was in the middle!!!

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