Ingenious solution

The old post and 5 X 2 rail yard had done its day. Been there 50 odd years and what’s more the long trough was one of those rubber sealed jobs that won’t survive our new “keep dry until needed” policy due to the proximity to the fig tree, bats and Hendra virus. The new trough had to be offset as one of the yards can have stock pressure due to it being a forcer for the draughting system.

You can see that all bar 150 mm (6″) of the trough is out in the large cooler yard. This poses a conundrum as to keep the first rail on line  doesn’t allow enough room for livestock to drink and to leave a large gap tempts them to crawl through.

Barry Busiko, stock yard engineer, and builder came up with this simple and effective solution: An offset rail over the centre of the trough allowing access from both sides.

And note the clean line in the “pressure” yard.

Thanks Barry.

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